Friday, March 12, 2010

As Time Goes On...

Ok, I had typed up what I had called the "begeezus post" as it was quite long, and at the end, when I was going to change the font, I selected the whole post and it vanished on me. I think someone up above was trying to tell me: "You ramble too much". Ctrl+z was not on my side either.

Hopefully this time, I shall say it all in fewer words. First off, I winked, and the month of February was gone. And then I realized I had not posted anything during said month. I'm not gone! I'm still here!

As far as the whole website idea is concerned, I still plan on working on it, although the PHP/MySQL progress has not been that great. I believe that most of that is attibuted to the fact that I need my computer to make any kind of progress at this point since I need the MySQL software. So I decided I was done wasting time and bought two more books: The Unofficial Guide To Starting A Business Online and the Canadian Legal Guide For Small Business. Those books I can read and learn while I do not have access to my computer. And it had occurred to me: I have not had such a desire to learn for a long time. It really is incredible how dreaming can give you wings.

The purpose of this blog was to record my status to keep myself motivated. However, I have come to realize that "website this, website that" may not be all that entertaining for people to read. So I am going to go off-topic, and I would like to receive feedback! Is off-topic good or not?

During February, my addiction to World Of Warcraft had begun anew. I gunned for level 80, achieved it, loved the new Random Dungeon feature and worked on getting better gear. It seems I am back in a slump however, as I have discovered that registering your older Blizzard game CD keys on allows you to download the games you have registered, and that they require no CDs to play. I've been giving Warcraft 3 a good run lately. RTS games are really one of my favorite types.

Well, I believe this stayed as "begeezus post"... My ability to summarize still needs work... Take care everyone!