Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreaming Big... Lazily

The Lazy Dreamer... Almost sounds like a restaurant name! But that would describe exactly how I am. I dream... And I am lazy.

By dreaming, I don't mean the sleeping kind. I mean daydreaming. Wishing for something more. In my case, my dream is about getting something of mine out there. Creative-wise. A story of some kind that people could enjoy. That dream has been in my head for the last few years. But how would I accomplish it?

I once thought of drawing. If I like manga so much, why not make my own? I tried storyboarding one. I tried scripting another. Alas, this is where I seem to be stuck. I cannot seem to be able to put consecutive scenes together. I think of multiple "cool" scenes, but no way to put them all together and fill in the blanks to make an actual storyline. And then I tried learning how to draw. All nice and dandy when something goes right, but when I find something I cannot draw (about... 90 percent of the human body), I get discouraged very easily. I seem to drop drawing a lot.

So then I thought, hey! I like games! Why not make my own! (Redundant, I know.) So away I went to learn how to program using a game engine I had purchased. I had finished all the tutorials that came with the engine and seemed to have a good grasp over the coding. So far so good, right? But going through tutorials is not the same as making an actual game. I thought I would start with something simple while I figure out how I want my game to play out. After two weeks to a month of trying to make a splash screen and an introduction screen, and failing, I gave up.

So I decided to go with a website. Simpler than coding a game for (possibly) multiple operating systems, but not as flashy. I can't exactly keep the bar of quality too high if I am determined to do this by myself at first. But as I kept on working, I saw that, if I stuck through this one, I just may finally reach my dream.

So I will continue to work... And I will continue to dream.

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