Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Motivation is not all...

Another key to achieving your dream is confidence. It's all fine and dandy to know anything and everything you need to know about what you truly want to do, but are you scared of other people's opinion? So scared that you might not be able to go forward with it out of fear of what other people think? Or maybe you are scared of failing?

What other people think does matter to a degree, but not as much as some people believe. There is bound to be someone out there who likes your work. If people comment that what you are doing is horrible, worthless, etc, then those are comments not worth listening to. I like games, but that is not everyone's cup of tea. If I present a game to someone who is not familiar with games, I will probably not get a good opinion. Now, if people give constructive criticism, while it is still only their opinion, it gives you an idea of what may be missing. Maybe your game is repetitive. Maybe your story needs more insight on some characters. Maybe your flower shop needs to carry a larger variety. Whatever it is that you work on, there usually is always a way to make it better. If multiple people's opinions start to point to the same things, then yes, they would probably be worth listening to. And even if it still wasn't the best, you're already ahead of someone who didn't know how to start.

Fear of failure. It is something I used to be scared of. But after reading multiple quotes and people's opinions on failure, it doesn't sound too bad anymore. When you fail, you see what you had missed. Then you can start over, and you can cover those bases you missed. As long as you are willing to learn from those mistakes and start over or continue what you were working on, it's not failure; it's experience. Here is a (terrible yet fitting) example. I used to write short stories about a certain series I used to watch when I was in high school. I would write them and post them online. I was usually proud of myself. Now, almost 10 years later, I pulled those up and read them again. They were horrible! I couldn't believe my writing was that bad! But at the same time, I felt a surge of pride. I had grown and my writing skills had improved.

Making mistakes is part of any learning process. It's part of life. If we learn from them, then those mistakes just may be worth making.

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