Saturday, January 9, 2010

And So The Truth Comes Out...

Okay, okay, I admit it, the last few posts were an effort to keep myself motivated. Somehow I just ended up posting random stuff to make myself feel like I was getting something done, but I was not. Although this year I am surprisingly inspired. I made two New Year's resolutions. I normally forget them within the next few weeks of making them (don't ask me what last year's was) but this year I feel like I can actually get them done.

Resolution number two was to get myself in shape. I used to move a lot (and move equipment) at my last job, so exercise was not important when I got home. Now that I am at a desk job, I have no stamina and lost all the strength I had gained. On Dec. 27th, I purchased Wii Fit and have been averaging a half hour a day. I can already feel some improvement and am starting to feel better about my own physical shape.

Ok, here's the resolution that pertains to this blog: To get a website up and running before the end of the year. No matter how crappy or small this website is, as long as I have something up there, I can keep on working at it afterwards.

So now, with renewed motivation, I have started opening up my PHP book again and I now see some progress. I have a small agenda in which I record which page I am at at the end of every day (and how many minutes spent on Wii Fit). It may be a small step to try to keep this motivation alive, but it is better than none! I am quite happy about this sudden burst of motivation, and I plan on trying to make the most of it.


  1. Good job!! Keep it up!! I need to get myself one of those planners too. It seems like a good motivation tool.

  2. Like you said in an earlier post: "Little progress is better than no progress". It's very true.

    Since your current goal seems to be geared towards Web Development, you need this book: Don't Make me Think. It's a must-own book on Web Usability. My two favorite words: Purpose and Usability. ;)